Herba Immunity Booster Roll-On

Kalpana Naturals is offering the best Herbal Immunity Booster which will boost the immunity system and keeps our body healthy. For children to adults, immunity power plays a key role. This Herbal Immunity Booster product is prepared using natural herbal extracts, so it does not contain any toxic chemical that affects our body adversely. Because of the presence of natural elements, it can be used from all age groups.

Herbal Immunity Booster is 100 % and effectively boosts the immunity to fight against external disease-causing agents and if our immunity increases that can leads to the fight against the covid-19 virus and can protect ourselves easily.

For every human being, immunity power plays a very key role which is used to protect the body and also fight against the germs and bacteria that affect the body. So, if we have more immunity power our body can tolerate illness easily. Majorly in this covid pandemic, everybody should have immunity power at better levels.

Humans with the best immunity levels only can get free from the covid virus and can able quickly. So, to get free from such pandemic conditions and if we want to protect Ourselves immunity power is very essential, therefore here we come up with the best product called as Herba Immunity Booster Roll-On.


The product is a blended mixture of herbal extracts.

It will effectively boost immunity and keeps the body fit and strong.

There are no side effects on health

It is 100 % natural and using natural ingredients.

It is a clinically prove immunity booster roll-on, at afforded prices.

How to use:

Roll it on your hand and smell it.

Use 2 or 3 times in a day for better results.


Rs. 135

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