Herba Pain liquid roll-on

Herba pain liquid roll-on is an effective pain relief product from Kalpana Naturals. It is a blended mixture of natural extracts, and this pain relief product is 100% natural. It will provide a cooling effect in the area of pain and relaxes the muscles. It will start working immediately after applying and shows instant results. A simple roll-on can ease pains like a sore muscle, headache or everyday aches etc. The liquid spreads evenly on the skin and does not cause any adverse effect on the skin such as redness, rashes etc. It is one of the best herbal pain relief liquid roll-on available in the market.


It has prepared using herbal ingredients and free from harmful chemicals.

The herbal extracts works affectively after applying and give relief from pains.

It is a travel-friendly roll-on, so you can carry it anywhere and can be used at any time.

How to use:

Simply roll-on the liquid balm on the body part where you need relief from pain.

After applying it on the body, it will give relaxation from the pain.

It is only for external use, so don't apply it on wounds etc.


Rs. 70

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