Herba Ant Repellent Liquid

As we all know that ants are very disturbing, as they can enter anywhere in our living place or kitchen. Hence to overcome this disturbance, we have introduced Kalpana’s ant repellent spray which is combination of natural ingredients. It kills 99.99% of ants and also prevents them from entering into our place. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. Because of the presence of natural extracts, it gives protection for a long duration. Kalpana Naturals is a company that is providing a wide range of pest repellents and other products which are prepared using natural extracts. Order now, for all-round protection.


It is prepared using natural elements and safe to use.

Can be used anywhere to prevent ants.

Easy to use and reliable product at affordable prices.

How to use:

Just spray some quantity of liquid in the corners.

The natural extracts and effective formula prevent ants from entering your house.


Rs. 135

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