Herba Mosquito Repellent Roll-On

Mosquitos are very dangerous to our health. They can cause various diseases like dengue, malaria etc. so, Protect yourself from mosquitos using Kalpana's Herba Mosquito Repellent Roll-On. It is an effective mosquito repellent roll-on, which is prepared using natural extracts and oils. It is 100% natural mosquito repellent roll-on and does not contain any toxic chemicals.


It will give protection from the mosquitos for a long period of time.

The natural aromatic smell will protect you from the mosquitos, which can cause malaria, dengue and chikungunya.

Herba Mosquito Repellent Roll-On is an effective mosquito repellent it will give protection for 6-8 hours.

This Herbal mosquito repellent roll-on is applied to clothes. It does not stain clothes after application.

It is a certified non-toxic, herbal mosquito repellent.

How to use:

Apply Herba Mosquito Repellent Roll-On on your cloths around your shoulders, legs etc.

Avoid applying it on wounded areas, mouth, nose, eyes etc.

That's it, simple. It is easy to use herbal mosquito repellant roll-on product.


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