Herba Rat Repellent Liquid

Herba rat repellent liquid from Kalpana Naturals is a herbal product made using herbal extracts. At the time of preparation, the best herbal ingredients are used, after deep research on efficiency and safety. This liquid prevents the rats from entering your area. The odour of this liquid stops the annoying rats and works effectively for a long time. Herba rat repellent is a 100% natural product and does not contain any toxic chemicals. So, it does not cause any effect on health. It is also an environmental-friendly product and it will not cause any damage to the environment.


This herbal rat repellent is natural and doesn't affect health adversely.

It is an effective rat repellent liquid, so prevents the rat from entering the house for a long time.

It will not cause any stains wherever you spray it, such as corners or on the floor.

How to use:

It's very simple to use, just spray the liquid on the corners or the floor.

That's it. It starts working and prevents the rats from entering the place where this liquid has poured

It will prevent the rats from entering for a long time.


Rs. 120

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