Herba Pain Balm

Herba Pain Balm is an effective pain relief balm from Kalpana Naturals. The pain balm is a blend of natural extracts and oils. After applying it on the area where the pain is heavy, immediately it gives better results. It will help to cure all types of discomforts in the muscles and joints. The product is enriched with all the goodness of nature. Our Herbal Pain Balm is very safe because it doesn't contain harmful chemicals in it. Order now from Kalpana Naturals and get relief from all sorts of muscle and joint pains.


It is an Herbal Pain Balm without any toxic chemicals present in it.

It will give relief for all type of pains like a headache, joint, body pains etc.

It can be used in massage therapy for instant results.

How to use:

Take a small quantity of Herbal Pain Balm and gently massage the area where the pain is more.

Massage vigorously for some time and leave.

Our Herbal Pain Balm will start working instantly and give relief from the pain within minutes.

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Rs. 35

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