Herba Mask Supplement 5 ML Roll-On

Herba Face Mask Supplement 5 ML Roll-On is a unique product introduced by Kalpana Naturals that protects you from harmful germs, smoke, and toxins from entering through your mask.

Kalpana Naturals have made a unique product known as Herba Viral Mask Supplement, which contains antiviral oils in multi number that gives excellent protection from virus, harmful germs, bacteria and also pollution. While going out just roll the Herba Face Mask Supplement on the mask and wear it.

In this covid pandemic, everyone has the fear of their lives. But people have to complete their daily works by going out. Since the virus is spreading everywhere the only thing is to protect ourselves is the mask. Wearing a mask is very essential in this covid pandemic. But wearing a mask simply may not be safe for us. Hence here is the best product known as Herba Viral Mask Supplement 5 ML Roll-On which is additionally applied on Mask that can protect us from the virus, germs, and bacteria.


This mask roll-on is prepared using natural extracts.

It will protect the skin from disease-causing germs and bacteria effectively.

Also helps the skin to become smooth and soft.

How to use:

Roll the Herba Face Mask Supplement on your face mask and protect yourself from harmful germs like Covid.


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