Bathroom Cleaner

Kalpana Natural’s Bathroom Cleaner is a water based cleaner that cleans and shines surfaces. It contains a sugar-based acid that works to remove alkaline soils typically found in bathrooms. It also contains plant based surfactants, which penetrate oily soils such as body oils and soap scum. It is effective in killing germs.

You can use Kalpana Natural’s Bathroom Cleaner on surfaces like - Bathtubs, Vinyl Shower Curtains, Glazed Ceramic Tile, Sinks, Counters, Grout, and more. Remove dirt, grime and stains effectively and leave your bathroom smelling fresh.


Effective in killing 99.9% germs.

Made with all natural ingredients.

Gives shine and lustre to surfaces.

Powerful cleaning agent formula.

Removes tough stains.

Effective on multiple surfaces.

How to use:

This is a concentrated cleaner. Dilute as required according to the dirt in the Bathroom. For regular use add 20 ml cleaner with one litre of water and apply to the surfaces and scrub. Wait for some time and clean with plenty of plain water. Use Less dilution for more soiled areas.


isopropyl Alcohol, Non-ionic / An-ionic Surfactant Demineralised Water (for purification) and perfume. Other Chemical Additives.


Keep away from children. Do not ingest. If the product gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.


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