Fruit and Vegetable Cleaner

The surface of fresh vegetables and fruits can be contaminated with pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives. The produce is exposed to atmospheric fumes and also airborne microorganisms. The cleaner will neutralise harmful chemicals and rapidly assist in the removal of toxic grime and insects, Kalpana Natural’s Fruit And Vegetable Cleaner is better than water alone at cleaning fruits and vegetables.

This wash contains naturally based surface-active ingredients with no perfume & colours. This 100% natural cleaner is effective in removing pesticides and 99.9% germs from the surface of fruits and vegetables.


Reduces the risk of food-borne diseases.

Eliminates germs from the surface.

Washes away pesticides effectively.

Leaves no smell, residue or taste.

Stays fresh for longer.

How To Use:

Add 1 or 2 capfuls to 5 litres of cold water. Wash or soak the produce thoroughly for 1 or 2 minutes. Rinse well and eat or store as normal.


Non-ionic surfactants with coco Betaine (naturally derived cleaner), Sodium Citrate, Demineralised water and no perfume.


Keep away from children. Do not ingest. If the product gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight or hot conditions.


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