Gold Cleaner 300 ML With Box

Gold is pure and costly metal. Gold is mostly used to prepare jeweler items. Gold becomes dull for using for a long time. Gold can be cleaned to bring back the lost shine. Kalpana Naturals offers an effective gold cleaning liquid using natural extracts which are used in cleaning gold. It will also protect the gold items and jeweler for a long time.


Kalpana Natural is offering a wide variety of products, prepared using

It will not damage the gold ornament after multiple uses.

This effective gold cleaner with an active natural formula.

It is a clinically proven natural gold cleaning liquid.

How to use:

Take some quantity of gold cleaner in a bowl and dip a clean cloth in it.

With that wet cloth, clean the gold ornament and items.

Using a dry cloth, dry the utensils and gold ornaments.

It will protect the gold items and ornaments against tarnishing for a longperiod.

300 ML


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