Marble Cleaner

Kalpana Natural’s Marble cleaner is a water based cleaner that allows easy and safe maintenance of stone surfaces, granite, marble, quartz, engineered, etc. It contains a sugar-based acid which bonds with alkaline soils to remove them from the surfaces upon which they were previously bonded. A plant-based foaming agent provides agitation and also has a detergent-like cleaning ability. The sugar derived "alkalizer" provides alkalinity in the formula to counteract and aid in the removal of acidic soils. It does not interact with the sugar-based acid in the formula. It also contains a plant based surfactant that penetrates oily soils. It leaves a scent derived from extracts and essential oils.

Kalpana Natural’s Marble cleaner is specially formulated to quickly and effectively clean marble without causing any harm to bring a natural shine to the surface.


Removes tough Stains.

Safe on all surfaces like Marble,Ceramic,Granite.

Safe on hands.

Made with 100% natural ingredients.

Safe for delicate Italian & Indian marbles.

Leaves a pleasant smell derived from essential oils


How To Use

For regular cleaning add 1/4 cup of cleaner to 2-3 litres of warm water. Wash the floor as normal.

For extra cleaning add 1/2 cup of cleaner to 2-3 litres of warm water and sprinkle it on the floor and mop. Apply full strength and wipe off the area thoroughly with a damp cloth. Next, Wipe off with a dry cloth and enjoy the shine.

Spray directly onto the surface and wipe immediately with a soft, clean cloth. Continue to buff for extra shine. Safe on any surface that water alone won’t harm.


Nonionic/ Anionic Surfactants. Perfumes. Also contains: Sodium Benzoate, limonene.


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