Mosquito Herbal Liquid

Kalpana Natural’s Fly/ Mosquito Herbal Liquid is an all natural liquid repellent for flies and mosquitoes. It has a pleasant smell that works by sprinkling or spraying the liquid repellent around the required room.The formula is highly effective on keeping mosquitoes or flies away and is completely safe for humans.

The liquid can also be used as a floor cleaner as a disinfectant. This is a highly effective mosquito and fly repellent with no side effects. It is made from completely non-toxic ingredients and is eco-friendly. The liquid is effective in repelling insects and leaves behind a refreshing fragrance.

Get safe and natural protection from insects with Kalpana Natural’s Fly/ Mosquito Herbal Liquid.


Effectively repels insects.

No side effects.

Safe for human use.

Non toxic and eco friendly.

Can be used on floors.

Leaves a pleasant smell.

How To Use:

Dilute 20ml liquid in 100ml of water in a plastic bowl. Sprinkle around the room, either on the floor or on the walls, keep the remaining liquid aside. If needed, repeat the application after one hour. Shake well before use.


Water, Surfactant, Natural Oil, Essential Oil and Spreader.


Keep away from children. Do not ingest. If the product gets into your eyes, rinse thoroughly with water.


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