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Best Essential Oils for Headaches in India

Numerous people who suffer from recurrent headaches turn to alternative therapies like essential oils. Over than half of the population in the world suffers from headaches regularly, because of their daily routine stress

Although there are a variety of prescription headache remedies available, such medications can have negative side effects.

Whenever someone suffers from headaches daily, they might seek out natural remedies such as essential oils.

8 Essential Oils for Migraines and Headaches

We'll go over the eight essential oils and provide scientific evidence and research on how they can help you with migraines and headaches.


The aroma of lavender is mild and flowery. It's a famous essential oil because of its calming and relaxing effects, which has a long history of therapeutic use in civilizations all over the world. There is a widespread conviction that lavender essential oil might help with headache relief.


Peppermint has a powerful, sharp aroma. Peppermint extract and leaves were used by the ancient Egyptians to treat abdominal pain, nausea, joint pain, as well as other digestive issues. There are over 25 species of peppermint, and a solution can be made with a few drops of peppermint oil and carrier oil. Massage the peppermint oil into your temples after diluting it.Peppermint includes menthol; menthol can help to relieve any muscle tension. The release of stress can greatly decrease your pain if it is a trigger for migraines.


A very fragrant herb, Rosemary can be found in many Mediterranean dishes. It is a major medicinal herb, dating back to 500 B.C. It comes with a soothing effect that works to relax your muscles. It works to boost your blood circulation essential oil in a diffuser can be seen as one of the simplest ways of doing this. You're going to do that up to 3 times a day for 45 minutes. In this manner, your space will not be overwhelmed. A few droplets in a warm bath is a different way of relaxing.

The topical application also works very well for migraines so you can build an alternative for your temples to be massaged. To generate a massage blend, two or three drops of your chosen essential oil can be added to 30ml carrier oil. Take your chest as well as the back of your neck to massage it. It can help to reduce pain and stress so that your headaches or migraines are relieved.

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Kalpana Naturals is a well establishes company that maintains quality control of every product. Their main aim is to prepare the products using essential oils, without the presence of any chemicals in it. manufacture wide range of products like cleaning liquids, detergents, pest repellents, Pain relief assistance products and also clinical products like disinfectants, surgical instruments cleaner and more. These products have been around for a couple of years now with an ever growing number of users.

Among themHerba Pain Balm is an effective pain relief balm from Kalpana Naturals. The pain balm is a blend of natural extracts and oils. After applying it on the area where the pain is heavy, immediately it gives better results. It will help to cure all types of discomforts like headache, muscle pains. The product is enriched with all the goodness of nature. and alleviate pain, which can help to reduce your stress. Studies show rosemary oil can relax muscles, which helps to relieve your headache too.


Certain essential oils for children should never be utilized. In particular, essential oil insect repellents are not used for children under 2 years of age. Do not use products from lemon eucalyptus on children below the age of 3.

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Eucalyptus is a tree that you get from the leaves the eucalyptus essential oil. Eucalyptus chemicals are provided to effectively reduce inflammation and pain and have a strong aroma. Use dates centuries ago with different cultures worldwide.

Research shows the tension can be relieved with the use of the Eucalyptus essential oil, the muscles relax as well as the mind soothing. Add some gouts of the hot bath water and soak to have the best possible results. You should see your health problems of headache relaxed after a few minutes.


Chamomile has an ancient legacy in which people who are using it have relaxing features. It is a popular tea for relaxation. Chamomile has a very aromatic flavour from the flowering heads of the plant. These floral heads are dried and distillate with steam to obtain the oil.

Studies show, and this can eliminate your side effects of headaches, which chamomiles can be essential for reducing stress and anxiety. It can relieve stress in your muscles whereas relieving your physical and mental stress. This will allow you to relaxand feel your migraines diminish.


Frankincense is from the Boswellia tree because, with this essential oil, you have a very woody and spicy aroma. This is a natural remedy from arthritis to digestive disorders, which is widely known with ayurvedic medicine to hundreds of years of outcomes behind this one. The far more effective method of using the oil topically will be through your skin, with the carrier oil mixture.

How to Use Essential Oils for Headaches

It can be challenging to use essential oils, particularly if you are sensitive to smells, for migraines and headaches. Moreover, five drops of the selected

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