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Best Herbal & Ayurvedic Products Manufacturers in Hyderabad

For hundreds of years people have lived in harmony with nature, depending on mother earth for sustenance and livelihood; for longevity and healing. People have used natural products for years to make a home for themselves, to decorate their surroundings and to keep them clean. We at KALPANA NATURALS have studied these natural ingredients of human maintenance and blended these nature's reward of goodness into daily use products.

The natural extracts obtained by Kalpana Naturals for the use in proprietary products are all original, authentic and are properly certified by AYUSH ministry. We manufacture a wide range of products like cleaning liquids, detergents, pest repellants, pain relief assistance products and also clinical products like disinfectants, surgical instruments, cleaners and more. These products have been around for a couple of years now with an ever growing number of users.

Kalpana Naturals maintains the quality control of every product above all else. Right from the procurement of raw materials to the final finished products, strict quality measures are taken to ensure the effectiveness of their intended use.

Doubtless to say that such quality control measures have enabled a supreme range of products from its state-of-the-art facility in Chilakaluripet (Andhra Pradesh) to fulfill the requirements of its valued patrons in a time bound manner.

What We Believe In

Our vision is to be a leading provider of nature based everyday products that are safe in human hands and effective in their intended use. International products for the Indian public with affordable rates.

Our mission is to pioneer a culture of respect for nature and the usage of nature-based products, while building a strong brand identity that is reflected in the consumers' trust.

Why Choose us?

When it comes to choosing the right product, customers seek out originality and authenticity without even realising it. KALPANA NATURALS manufacture, export and supply some of the best nature based products available in the market. We are a preferred brand because of our following traits.

  • Constant advancement in technology and infrastructure.
  • Products manufactured are blends of authentic natural extracts.
  • Collective intent towards providing the best quality products.
  • An expert quality control team, who always ensures to maintain the standards.
  • The raw materials used are majorly selected from reputed suppliers and inspected.

Let's have a look at some of our best selling all natural products that make everyday life better.


Herba Mask Supplement Roll On

Herba Face Mask Supplement 5 ML Roll-On is a unique product introduced by Kalpana Naturals that protects you from harmful germs, smoke, and toxins from entering through your mask.

Herba Immunity Booster Roll On

Herba Immunity Booster Roll On is prepared using natural herbal extracts. Because of the presence of natural elements, it can be used by all age groups. Herba Immunity Booster boosts the immunity to fight against external disease-causing germs and bacteria.

Herba Sleepyzz Inducing Drops

Herba Sleep inducting liquid from Kalpana Naturals is an all natural effective liquid that can induce sleep instantly. The smell from the liquid helps to get better sleep instantly.

Herba Pain Balm Strong

Herba Pain Balm is an effective pain relief balm from Kalpana Naturals. The pain balm is a blend of natural extracts and oils. After applying it on the area where the pain is heavy, immediately it gives better results. It will help to cure all types of discomforts in the muscles and joints.

Herba Pain Balm Extra Strong

Herba Pain Balm Extra Strong is an effective pain relief balm from Kalpana Naturals. The Pain Balm Extra Strong is a blend of natural extracts and oils. It will start working effectively instantly, after applying it on the muscle where you need pain relief.

Herba Pain Oil Roll On

Herba pain liquid roll-on is an effective pain relief product from Kalpana Naturals. It is a blended mixture of natural extracts, and this pain relief product is 100% natural. It will provide a cooling effect in the area of pain and relaxes the muscles. It will start working immediately after applying and shows instant results. A simple roll-on can ease pains like a sore muscle, headache or everyday aches etc.

Herba Mosquito Repellent Roll-On

Mosquitos are very dangerous to our health. They can cause various diseases like dengue, malaria etc. so, Protect yourself from mosquitoes using Kalpana's Herba Mosquito Repellent Roll-On. It is an effective mosquito repellent roll-on, which is prepared using natural extracts and oils. It is 100% natural mosquito repellent roll-on and does not contain any toxic chemicals.

Ant Repellent Spray

Kalpana’s ant repellent spray which is a combination of natural ingredients kills 99.99% of ants and also prevents them from entering into our homes. It does not contain any harmful chemicals. Because of the presence of natural extracts, it gives protection for a long duration.

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