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What are face mask disinfectants?

Face mask disinfectants are used for sanitizing face masks. They are designed to eliminate viruses and bacteria on reusable cloth face masks. This enables reducing the spread of harmful viruses and bacteria providing an extra layer of protection from respiratory toxins. With cleanliness and hygiene becoming a major priority, disinfectants for face masks that are antimicrobial and antibacterial can help improve safety against exposure to germs.

Mask refreshers available on the market

Different mask refreshers and disinfectants are available on the market that claim to kill germs and offer to reduce odours. Most of them only contain mild smells that don’t eliminate bacteria or viruses and are useless in keeping out toxins. Others consist of strong harmful chemicals that may eliminate bacteria and viruses but are also very harsh and not suitable for breathing into the lungs.

Do face mask disinfectants work?

The right disinfectant applies an added protection to the cloth face mask from harmful bacteria and viruses. Buying and using a product that is strong enough to eliminate germs and also safe to breathe in is impertinent.

Essential oils in Mask refreshers/ disinfectants.

Wearing face masks for long durations can get uncomfortable and accumulate a lot of germs. Long term wear may also cause build up of sweat which may lead to unpleasant odours. Having a sweet smelling face mask infused with essential oils can give a refreshing aroma and uplift the mood. Adding an aromatic smell to the face mask can make wearing it more enjoyable and stimulate the senses. Scents of peppermint, lavender, lemon, orange, eucalyptus, etc all smell beautiful. Here is a Diy recipe for an at home essential oil mask refresher spray to make your day more pleasant!


  1. 30 ml witch hazel
  2. 30 ml distilled water
  3. 1 spray bottle
  4. Your favourite essential oil.


Add 4-5 drops of your favourite essential oil to witch hazel and distilled water. Mix all the ingredients in a spray bottle and spray it on your mask. Wait for the mask to dry and put it on. Repeat spray when the smell begins to weaken.

Herba Face Mask Supplement Roll-On by Kalpana Naturals

Herba Face Mask Supplement 5 ML Roll-On is a unique product introduced by Kalpana Naturals that protects you from harmful germs, smoke, and toxins from entering through your mask.

Kalpana Naturals have made a unique product known as Herba Viral Mask Supplement, which contains antiviral oils in multi number that gives excellent protection from virus, harmful germs, bacteria and also pollution. While going out just roll the Herba Face Mask Supplement on the mask and wear it.

In this ongoing pandemic, everyone is scared for their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

But people have to complete their daily work by going out. Since the virus is spreading everywhere the only thing to protect ourselves is by wearing a protective face mask. Wearing a mask has become essential in this pandemic but wearing a mask simply may not be safe for us. Herba Face Mask Supplement 5 ML Roll-On can be additionally applied on our face mask and can protect us from viruses, germs, and bacteria.

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