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How to Get Rid of Rats Naturally | Natural Rat Repellent

It is very hazardous to have rats in our homes. They tend to cause property damage, spread several deadly diseases, and pollute the food storage facilities. Rats, mice, and other rodents will destroy our home and demolish everything which you have carefully stored. They can seep via small holes in our house's edges, corners and bite down through the wood, shielding, and cables and so on.

Rats not only get into your meal, but they are harmful to our health also. If you already have rats in your home, you must take action right away. The first point you need before attempting any natural remedies is to maintain your home clean and neat. Along with this, here we will go through some natural ways to get rid of rats.

1. Peppermint Oil

Rats have a strong sense of smell, and peppermint oil in large doses can help you chase them aside. Perform this technique for some days in a continuous way. In addition to catching rats, peppermint oil brings a fresh odour to your home

2. Mixture of Plaster of Paris with Cocoa powder

Combine dry plaster of Paris and cocoa powder. Distribute this mixture in areas where rats congregate, such as the kitchen or storage areas. Distribute them in rat-infested areas, including around their entrances and hideaways. When rats consume this mixture, they become dehydrated and flee the house in search of water, eventually, they will die.

3. Ammonia

Ammonia's pungent odour is intolerable to rats. As a result, ammonia is a highly effective rat repellent. Combine 2 cups of ammonia with 200ml of water and 2 to 3 spoons of detergent. Put this blend in a bowl near areas where rats are prevalent. then they will run away

4. Black pepper

Black pepper is an essential home remedy for rat infestations. Pipeline, a compound found in black pepper, is harmful to rats. Spread hot pepper flakes in the corners and doorways to get rid of them.

5. Rat Traps

This is the popular and generally used home remedy for getting rid of rats in our homes. There are various types of rat traps are available on the market. You can purchase whichever is convenient for you. Put a piece of coconut or any other food item upon this trap to attract it. The glue trap is also mostly used one which has sticky glue for which rat can easily stick into it.


Apart from all these natural home remedies for avoiding rats at home, we can prefer Natural rat repellent. Natural Rat Repellent Spray is a product that we can use anywhere that will scare away the rat through its smell. Any rat which it gets a twinge of this mixture will try to escape to a new place far away from yours. But Several Natural Repellent Sprays are made with harmful chemicals which may lead to health issues.

So, here we have come up with the Best Natural Rat Repellent which is introduced by KALPANA NATURALS, which is made from only natural products which do not have any harmful chemicals in it.


Car is the most targeted place for rats to attack and spoil seats and other parts of car, using natural rat repellent for car is the best choice as natural way is the best way.


Kalpana Naturals are introducing the Best Natural Rat repellent Liquid which has Natural ingredients such as essential oils. This liquid prevents the rats from entering your area. Kalpana Naturals is a company that is offering a wide range of pest repellents and other products which are prepared using natural extracts. Herba rat repellent liquid from Kalpana Naturals is an herbal product made using herbal extracts. Products comes in different forms like rat repellent spray, liquid.

The Best herbal ingredients are used at the time of preparation, after a thorough analysis of the efficiency of the product, it is considered to be the Best Natural rat repellent for home. Not only for Home, as it is easy to carry anywhere, but This spray can also use it wherever you see annoying rats. It is the best natural repellent for cars also while travelling you can spray it in the car. So that you can overcome the issue of Rats.

The odour of this liquid stops the annoying rats and works effectively for a long time. Herba rat repellent is a 100% natural product and does not contain any toxic chemicals. So, it does not cause any effect on health. This herbal rat repellent is natural and doesn't affect health adversely. It is an effective rat repellent liquid, so prevents the rat from entering the house for a long time.

Hence if you want to be free from these annoying Rats, you can go for Herba Rat Repellent Liquid which is easy to use and a harmless product.

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